NJHS Field Trip to Abingdon 4-H Center Included Zip LiningNJHS Field Trip - Team WorkNJHS Field Trip Activity Required Working TogetherNJHS Members Take Time To Pose Before Zip LiningNJHS Field Trip FunRibbon Cutting CeremonyRRMS Entrance Before and After ConstructionRRMS Choir Presents a Musical DedicationSCA Member Speaks on Behalf of RRMS StudentsThe New RRMS Gym is Revealed to StudentsRRMS Welcome to Those Entering the School2014-2015 SCA Officers

                UPCOMING DATES
   Oct 22 - Report Cards Go Home
   Oct 23 - 12:30 pm Student Dismissal
                  Parent Visitation
                 (1-3 & 4:30-7:00)