Ms. Manuel\'s 6th Grade Yarn DollsMaking Yarn Dolls Like Ones With Which Children Would Have Played While Crossing The Trails WestMs. Manuel\'s 6th Grade History Class Maps The Overland Trails Of The WestCareful Detail Is Necessary When Mapping TrailsStudents Made Bracelets For Their Helping Soldiers ProjectRRMS Students Helping SoldiersMs. Mitchell\'s 6th Graders With Consecutively High Achieve 3000 Scores Enjoy An Ice Cream Party6th Graders Get Creative With Their Ice Cream Cones8th Grade Boys Enjoy PE8th Grade Girls Practice Basketball Skills in PEMr. Gunter\'s 7th Grade Science Students Participate in a Measurement LabHands On Learning of Measurements Is Interesting6th Graders Learn About Central Tendency Using Dice in Mrs. Cregger\'s Math ClassMrs. Cregger Makes Learning 6th Grade Math FunBuy Your 2015-2016 Yearbook Now!!!


    Mar 1 - Registration & Money For
                 Girls STEM (Science,
                 Technology, Engineering
                 & Math) Train Are Due to
                 the Office. Space Is Limited.
                 Registration Will Be On
                 1st Come, 1st Served Basis.
                 Call The Office if You Have
                 Any Questions. (Forms Were
                 Sent Home Jan 31.)

    Mar 20 -  
6th Grade Parents:
                   There will be a Meeting
                   in RRMS Library @ 7pm
                   for Parents Interested in
                   Sending Their Students
                   on Next Year's 7th Grade
                   Washington, DC Trip

                   **A Letter With Details Will
                         be Sent Home With Your
                         Child on Friday, Feb 17** 


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